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Crochet Platypus and a Trip to the Woods

I've crocheted my first creature in what feels like a lifetime! It's a platypus in a onesie. Yes, they have underwear on under the onesie.

Crochet platypus in purple and charcoal yarn with a orange, and light blue onesie against a teal background.
Crochet Platypus

I'll be dyeing up some wool yarn to draft the pattern and offer as kits. Eventually, I'll have a line of amigurumi yarns. I'm working on them now and I'll be sure to share when they are available.

I went on a walk in the woods for a photoshoot today. It's going to snow soon. The woods feel ready for it.

Black and maroon maple leaves from hand carved stamps printed on an ice dyed tapestry in maroon, soft orange, and gold. Tapestry is hanging from pine trees overlooking a wooded gorge.
Maple Leaves Tapestry

This is a custom tapestry for someone who loves maple leaves and the colors red and black. I thought for a long time on how I would dye and print this special piece. Ultimately, I was inspired by fall and the changes the maple leaf goes through.

The maple leaves I used for the blocks were photographed just up the hill from where this is.

Maple leaves hanging from their tree branches showcasing the color shift from green to yellow to orange to red.
Maple Leaves

I was able to capture their organic nature by simply tracing them from my phone screen. This really aided in giving them authentic motion and presence.

Hand carved linoleum printing blocks. Seven maple leaves carved in pink on ice dyed fabric in burgundy, orange, and yellow.
Maple Leaf Blocks

There ended up being seven blocks, which felt right. It was an enjoyable process to feel out when it was time to create and to celebrate the season that inspired the art.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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