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Beginnings of a Printmaking Series

Folklore Friday preparations are underway. I received some beautiful cotton linters paper pulp from Twinrocker. I found this amazing square mould and deckle from Wooden Deckle.

Bag of liquid paper pulp and a square mould and deckle for papermaking.
Paper pulp with mould and deckle

I scored some great folklore resources at the booksale here in Ithaca, NY.

Stack of books: Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance, Milton Rugoff's Wolrd Folk Tales, Vikram Seth's Beastly Tales, Atelia Clarkson & Gilbert B. Cross's World Folktales, Anne Pellowski's The Story Vine, and Michael Brown's A Cavalcade of Sea Creatures
Stack of Folklore books with one Fantasy book

Top of the pile is just an additional book I'm reading right now. The fabric the books are seated upon is destined to be a custom tapestry with hand printed maple leaves.

I dyed some tasty alpaca yarn for a custom order last week. Colorways are Caramel Apple Conundrum and Spiked Spice Cake.

Pile of yarn. Left side is golden with sections of brown and green. Right side is a caramel brown.
Handdyed alpaca yarn

Hit me up if you are interested in anything custom. Have a great day!

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